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Tuscany Villas

Tuscany villas

History and Luxury in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, and maybe in the world. Seaside and mountain, hills and flats make this region unique. Regions as Chianti, Mugello, Maremma and Val D'Orcia are just some of its wonderful landscapes that ca be admired in Tuscany. Or think about its art cities such as Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa and Arezzo that display exclusive masterpieces visited from millions of people every year.

Tuscan landscapes are studded with castles, farmhouses and villas. These Tuscany villas prove its glorious past. They have been often restored, preserving their original features, and transformed into luxury villas for rent in Tuscany.

Origins of villas n Tuscany come from the past. A villa was in fact a country house for patrician families of ancient Rome. There were two types of  Tuscany villas: villa urbana, easily reachable from the city, and villa rustica, a farmhouse. Over the centuries villas turned into different accommodations and in Renaissance villas in Tuscany become a place for leisure and relax. The first Renaissance villa in Tuscany was Villa Medici in Fiesole. Few years later Lorenzo the Magnificent built the first villa in Mugello near Poggio a Caiano. This villa inspired the constructions of all the other villas in Tuscany and later on in Italy.

Nowadays villas in Tuscany are still considered place for leisure and relax as in Renaissance. There are many Tuscany villas for rent, so that you can experience the magical atmosphere of this region in Italy. Think about the beautiful villas in Chianti, that lie on its round hills surrounded by kilometers of vineyards and olive groves. Tuscany exclusive villas, country villas for rent, or a villa hotel in Tuscany, equipped with the highest comforts to delight your holidays in Tuscany. Or think about villas in Mugello, often belonged to Florentine patrician families turned into romantic accommodations, elegant lodgings for your events or wedding in Tuscany. And villas in Maremma, more rural and wilder as this region.

If you are planning your holiday or your special moment in Tuscany, the best way to experience its quintessence is certainly choosing Tuscany villa rentals for your stay.