Tuscany is a beautiful region, with its rolling hills, vineyards, olive trees and castles and medieval towns dotting the landscape. It is in fact a very romantic place, fast becoming a top wedding destination for couples across the globe.

Due to increasing demand, specialied wedding planners in Italy can help plan one of the most special, memorable days ever. The services of a wedding planner in Tuscany are particularly important when the bride and groom are thousands of miles away from Tuscany, and arriving just a few days before the big day. From meeting local paperwork requirements to selecting the location, from a caterer and photographer to florist, a local wedding planner can furnish an essential service by being your contact person with all of the service providers you would normally have direct contact with back home.

If you want to a have “made in Italy” wedding with Italian style and flair from the beginning to the end, then selecting a local wedding planner is the best way to go to help make your dreams a reality.

Weddings in Tuscany

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