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Wine cellar in Chianti

Italian business companies

Italy changed completely after the Second World War when what is called as the "Italian economic miracle" transformed it from agricultural-based economy into an industrialized nation. At the moment Italy is the seventh-largest economy in the world, although its economy has many peculiarities.

In fact, Italy is characterized by many small and medium-size business companies working in many different fields, a few large companies with over 1000 workers in some industrial sectors and many small agricultural companies. The service industry is the first Italian industry with trade and tourism is at the top of it, representing approximately 70% of Italy's Gross Domestic Product. Another peculiarity of the Italian economy is the geographical distribution of industry and consequently of production. Most industrial companies are concentrated in northern Italy, the wealthiest and most prosperous of Italy's regions, followed by the regions in central Italy and the least prosperous Italian area is the south.

Another important part of Italian economy is the export industry. Italian production, the so called Made in Italy, is well-appreciated all around the world for its high quality, innovative design and peculiarity. Major Italian exports are fashion, cars and motorbikes, luxury vehicles, home furniture and food, but also uniquely Italian are handmade products by local craftsmen.

On the other hand, the tourism industry is one of the most profitable sectors in Italy and is fundamental for its economy. Thanks to its priceless historic and artistic heritage - more than half the world’s heritage listed by UNESCO can be found in Italy - and with hundreds of archeological sites and more than 3000 museums all over the country, the tourism industry contributes approximately one-third to Italy's GDP and is responsible for over one million jobs.