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Tours in Tuscany

Tuscany is certainly one of the most appreciated regions of Italy. With its wonderful cities of art, breathtaking landscapes and luxuriant nature, Tuscany attracts thousands of Italian and foreign tourists every year.

Those who wish to visit Tuscany and its extraordinary treasures can choose one of many tours to the best destinations of Tuscany. An organized tour in Tuscany is a perfect solution for those who want to fully use every day of their Tuscany holiday but may not have the time to organize the journey on their own.

There are many different kinds of tours of Tuscany: some include a visit to the most famous cities of art in Tuscany, while other tours focus on the discovery of local food and wine traditions, and others on exploring the gorgeous nature of Tuscany.
Taking part in a tour also gives the opportunity to travel in comfort and with no stress. To move to the next destination of the tour generally means using comfortable air-conditioned buses and no driving in the chaotic Italian streets!
In addition, tour groups are often accompanied by one or more local escorts, and thanks to their experience, one can see special places and learn curious things you might not find in a tourist guidebook.

Choose the Tuscany tour you prefer and all you have to do will be to enjoy the unforgettable sights of Tuscany!

Escorted Tuscany Tours:

  • Eliseo Tour of Tuscany: Organizes tours of Tuscany and Lerici, in the nearby Liguria region. The tour package includes accommodation in the family's bed and breakfast located in the historical center of Gallicano, in the province of Lucca. The seven day tour itinerary includes visits to Florence, Pisa and Lucca.