Tuscany Villa in Florence

Real Estate Agencies in Italy

Real estate agencies speciale in real properties brokerage between supply and demand. These agencies holde in fact two positions: on one hand for people selling their properties the agency looks for their potential buyer, on the other hand for people looking for sale or rental properties it finds and shows interesting properties close to one's own needs.

Because there are many different real properties - business, residential - and there are various clients - families with children, business companies, singles - there are also different types of real estate agencies: they can specilize in city rental apartments, rental apartments for vacations or holidays, or in certain real properties' types in specific locations such as Tuscany villas for sale or prestigious properties in dreamlands.

Once the perfect property has been found, the real estate agency manages and assists the client during all stages of the buying process: making an offer, stipulating an agreement, signing the final contract, search for financial loans. Buying a house in Italy is not easy even for Italian residents because of the complex Italian bureaucracy. Real estate agencies play a fundamental role when buying real estate properties in Italy given their experience of the territory, knowledge of local bureaucracy and their extensive networks. In recent years, many Italian agencies have begun offering their services specifically to the foreigners interested in buying a home in Italy, whether it be for retirement in the "Belpaese" or to start their own business in Italy. If you're interested, we have a few suggestions for real estate agencies in Tuscany to start your search.