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The valley of Mugello in Tuscany is one of Tuscany's best kept secrets. It might not be as well-known and visited as other areas of Tuscany, such as Chianti and Maremma, but each year the number of Italian and foreign visitors keeps increasing as they discover what the area has to offer: great food, pristine landscapes and traditional crafts and villages full of history.

The Mugello extends from the north of Florence to Tuscany's border with the Emilia Romagna region to the north, the Arezzo province to the west and the Prato province to the east. The Mugello valley starts just a few kilometers out of Florence. All of the nine communes within the Mugello valley belong to the province of Florence.

Historically, Mugello first lived through a period of splendor when the Medici family rose to power in Florence in the 1500s and again later on when the Lorraine family ruled Tuscany. Both families had their origins in the Mugello and thus heavily invested across the valley, building castles, villas and palaces that still stand and embellish the landscape today. The principal buildings dating back to that period include the Medicean Fortress at San Martino (Fortezza Medicea di San Martino), the Trebbio Castle in San Piero a Sieve (Castello del Trebbio), the Villa Demidoff in Vaglia, the Cafaggiolo Villa (Villa di Cafaggiolo) in Barberino di Mugello and the Palace of the Vicars (Palazzo dei Vicari) in Scarperia.

In addition to the rich historical and artistical patrimony offered by the Mugello valley, visitors will discover and enjoy a wonderful natural landscape. There are an endless number of itineraries in Mugello that cross the territory and that can be visited on foot as well as on bicycle, horseback, train or car, maybe even in the company of a useful guide that offers insights into the Mugello's treasures and history. Anyone interested in hiking in Mugello's countryside and woods can choose among the many marked paths by the SO.F.T. and CAI associations, which include many interesting day hikes as well as a few longer and more challenging routes.

The Mugello is quickly becoming known as one of the most beautiful and precious destinations in Tuscany that also offers competitive prices and services with regards to short-term lodging. Accommodation in Mugello is diverse and of high quality: the majority of lodging is offered in farm holidays, known as agriturismo, as well as in hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday apartments and homes and residences. Many properties in Mugello, and all of the agriturismo, are located in the countryside away from the traffic and noise of city centers, offering the calm and tranquillity sought in a true vacation.

Your holidays in Tuscany in Mugello will be unforgettable: you will discover enchanting villages, a pristine natural landscape, the traditional crafts of the Mugello, the residences of the Medici family, local food products of the Mugello, the territory's traditions and the characteristic town festivals that take place across all of the Mugello.

Do not forget to include Mugello on your next vacation in Tuscany!

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