Top Positioning

Add value to your website: position it at the Top of the search engines

What is "positioning"? When we say positioning, the objective is not just to appear within the natural results on the search engines - our goal is to have pages from your website come out on the first three pages of search results for keywords relevant to your business and the content of the website itself. This in turn will increase qualified web traffic to your site and increase the visibility of your brand on the web.

The results a search engine determines best match a specific search are generally called "organic" results, as opposed to the "sponsored" or pay-per-click results shown on the same page. For this reason, we also use the term "organic positioning" to refer to our Top Postitioning service.
The positioning of a site on the search engines is the result of the application of our technical know-how on their functioning combined with a specific web marketing strategy. We must first of all identify the keyworkds for which we want to appear at the top of the search results and from there decide on the appropriate techniques to make the search engine "see" it as we do while maintaining its focus on the ultimate users of the site, its visitors.

The gained positionings are then constantly monitored, maintained and improved over time as we continuously follow changes and new implementations the search engines enact.

Organic Positioning by WebPromoter

Top-Positioning is the professional service for positioning on the search engines offered by our team here at WebPromoter.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) specialists look after your website visibility year-round, seeking to position it on the top of results of the major international and national search engines for the most effective keyword phrases.

The real, concrete result of our work is the growth in qualified, in-target visitors and potential customers which are the lifeblood of every online activity.

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