Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns

Webpromoter builds and manages advertising campaigns on major networks evaluating it and optimizing investment

When you search online you probably notice "sponsored links" next to "organic" results of your searches. These are actual advertisements, paid by advertisers directly to search engines to have a direct link to their websites.

Sponsored results appear in relation to customers' searched terms and are therefore important tools to assure visibility and qualified visitors to your website.

Advertiser spends money just when his website link is actually clicked, and that's why this kind of advertisements are simply called "pay-per-click".

How pay-per-click works

Main networks for pay-per-click advertising are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Microsoft Adcenter
  • Facebook

Once you are registered, you can manage your campaign thanks to a panel, through which you can set advertisements, select keywords for it and allocate funds.

It works like auctions: we can say that the much you pay the more clicks you get, obtaining a better visibility, and consequently more visitors.

Benefits of sponsored results

Pay-per-click advertising has to be considered as complementary to organic positioning on search engines, and consequently it shouldn't be missing in a well targeted web marketing strategy, because:

  • It is real visibility: we are sure to be found from visitors looking for specific keywords selected
  • It is instantaneous: after few hours it appears in sponsored results after activation
  • It is flexible: campaign's budget has a pre-arranged maximum that can be reduced, increased and stopped in real time
  • It is targeted: you can set specific geographical areas, such as cities and spoken languages,  for your ads.
  • It is measurable: you can trace your contacts/sells received through your website thanks to pay-per-click campaign

Entrust your campaign to professionals

Of course we intentionally simplify how pay-per-click advertising works: it is actually more complicated. To manage effectively a campaign you should know editorial guidelines and the precise functioning for sponsored messages visibility, besides various options that each software offers and let you optimize your investment. It is then fundamental knowing how to trace campings' results and measuring return on investment (ROI), making the most out of this powerful promotional channel and not dividing investment.

WebPromoter has the needed know-how to manage pay-per-click campaigns on major platforms and suggests his clients the planning, management and monitoring campaigns suitable to aims.