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WebPromoter at the GT Conference 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

WebPromoter will be again be attending the GT Conference this year in Riccione on December 11 and 12, 2010.

The conference is one of the top events in Italy entirely dedicated to the world of SEO and web marketing. The two days are packed with presentations and round tables headed by top SEO and web marketing experts in Italy making it a required event for anyone intending to keep up to date with current trends in the sector.

The results of the Instantempo contest will be analyzed at the conference, a contest that has kept Italian and European SEOs occupied during the past few months. The goal of the contest is to position a site for the keyword "instantempo" within the first page results on Google by the deadline of December 6. It is, above all, a perfect occassion to freely experiment with new techniques and stretegies in the "game" of positioning and then be able to discuss the results with others within the sector.

The Florence SEO Ring

Friday, November 20th, 2009

WebPromoter is one of the founders of the Florence SEO Ring, a newly formed association that brings together the best companies working in the field of Web marketing in Florence. The SEO Ring aims to share experience and develop synergies to reinforce the services offered by the companies and professionals that participate, and thereby making them more competitive and advantageous for their own clients.

Many of the companies belonging to the Florence SEO Ring have developed successful portals tied to the local territory including Firenze Turismo (APT Firenze), About Florence, Your Way to Florence, SaiMicaDove, Florence Tickets. All of the portals of the SEO Ring channel over 13 million qualified visits every year, with almost 60.000.000 page views that contribute to the SEO Ring Network. WebPromoter participates to the network with our own travel guides DiscoverTuscany, VisitFlorence,, all highly visible on search engines.

At the recent 2009 Buy Tourism Online fair in Florence, the SEO Ring headed a free informative seminar aimed at the many accommodation structures that were present: "Travel Portals? We'll tell you about them! Practical Guide to Marketing through Travel Portals". The SEO Ring training session was, along with the one offered by Google, the most crowded in the whole event!

For more details on the SEO Ring and their projects, go to: