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Managing an online business means having a strategy to attract visitors within your target of potential clients.

Search engines offer the highest rate of conversion of Web traffic, a source preferred by internet users when searching for information and thus important in influencing buying decisions. It isn't a coincidence that:

  • Searching is the number one Internet activity right after checking email (Forrester Research)
  • In 81% of cases, people find websites they were interested in through the use of search engines (Forrester Research, survey in Great Britain)
  • Over 500 million searches are conducted on search engines every single day (searchenginewatch.com)

The importance of search engines in the promotion of a website is not about the quantity of the visits a site receives but in the quality of the visits the search engines bring. The person that searches on their favorite search engines is very inclined to trust the resulting suggestions. A study by NPD Group confirms that the highest amount of completed online purchases originated from the search engines against all other forms of online advertising. For this reason visits arriving from search engines are defined as qualified visits.

Search Engine Marketing

There are fundamentally two channels that a website can exploit to obtain qualified visits from search engines:

  1. placement in the search results that the search engine retains the best match to the keywords searched for and which can be obtained through a a promotion activity called organic positioning.
  2. purchase of sponsored spaces near the search results, relevant to the words searched for and paid based upon the clicks actually received. This is called pay-per-click keyword advertising.

Search Engine Marketing thus is a combination of these two parallel, complimentary tracks which constitute the basis of the services we offer as WebPromoter.

SEO Consulting and Services for Businesses and Tourism

SEO-SEM Consultancy
Our prefered approach to search engine marketing is to work together with the client to analyze the client's website or collaborate to design it, searching for the best solutions for the client's needs and identifying the necessary strategy to meet the objectives.
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Top Positioning
Top-Positioning is our Organic Positioning or keyword marketing service for our clients. The project aims at obtaining the presence of the client's website in the top results on search engines for the keywords that best match the client's website content. This produces results in the medium-long term range while the structure and contents of the site are optimized in order to render it relevant and correctly indexed on the search engines.
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Pay-per-click Campaigns
We can design, create and manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing/MSN on your behalf, based on a mutually agreed budget and goals for the campaigns.
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Top Tuscany
We are specialized in the promotion of websites of hospitality businesses in Florence and Tuscany to whom we offer our Top-Tuscany service. This is a complete promotional service that uses natural organic search engine positioning, Google Adwords campaigns, the presence on our DiscoverTuscany network and analysis of Website traffic to produce results for the client.
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