Discover is an online tourist guide that collects various articles and useful information about Tuscany, in English and Italian. The guide is addressed to tourists looking for suggestions and advices for planning a vacation in Tuscany, but at the same time is dedicated to all those who love Tuscany. is divided in general thematic sections, that have more detailed and specific sub-sections. The tourist guide treats various topics, such as moving around Tuscany, what to see as museums and monuments and what to do as sports, courses and schools in Tuscany. Particular attention is reserved to accommodations, from B&B to farmhouses and luxury villas in Tuscany and hotels.
One section is dedicated to "services for tourists", showing also reviews and articles about real estates in Tuscany and organized tours.

The guide has its own blog that is regularly  updated with upcoming events, exhibits, day trips around Tuscany and other news about Tuscany. One of the most interesting services of DiscoverTuscany is the forum about Tuscany (in English) where tourists can ask for questions and suggestions for planning their trip, as well as reading and answering other users' posts.

Tuscany pictures

Discover has also a beautiful and rich photo gallery of Tuscany, that is divided into thematic photo albums.