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Fashion artisans Florence

Florence has always sustained a high quality handicraft tradition. The Florentine handicraft professions in the fashion sector has always been and it still particularly precious and appreciated today. Craftsmanship in Florence in the fashion section can boast of a solid tradition as well as a great capacity for innovation that have permitted artisans in the field to follow consumer and market trends as well as offering unique and highly personalized products.

Fashion in Florence - fashion creations between art and crafts

The project "Fashion in Florence" was born from an initiative between the Tourism Local Authority and the Fashion Section of the City of Florence. The objective of the project is to enhance the value of the workshops and companies of the Florentine craftsmen that work in the high fashion sector.

The site presents the project and its goals, with brief introductions to the various Florentine artisan workshops and shops. The companies cover various areas of the fashion field: apparel, footwear, leather goods, textiles, accessories, perfumers and jewelry. The site includes a section dedicated entirely to fashion in general and, in particular, to its strong ties in Florence. This section has information on the museums in Florence and surrounding area dedicated to various aspects of the world of fashion.

The site also dedicates a section to the principal fashion events organized in Florence and details on those who organize these fashion events in the city. Important international fashion events that take place in Florence annually include the Pitti Uomo and Pitti Bimbo runway shows. Another section contains information on the schools and institutes offering training in the various fields of the fashion sector in Florence.

To learn more about Fashion in Florence, visit the Florence Fashion Art and Crafts website