Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy known for its artistic treasures and historical significance. Museums in Florence host some of the most important masterpieces of Italian art, and the city itself with its majestic monuments, ancient churces and historical palaces is a large open-air museum.

Florence offers visitors a large selection of accommodation both in the city and its outskirts. Over the course of the past few years, a larger number of visitors to the region choose one of the many farmhouses in Florence for their vacations in Tuscany's major city.

Farmhouses in Florence

There are many reasons for choosing a farmhouse vacation over other types of accommodation.

Those who opt to lodge at a farmhouse near Florence often wish to combine both a classic vacation spent visiting the major museums and monuments in Florence as well as spending some time in the countryside in close contact with nature and a natural environment. This offers the possibility to enjoy visits to a new place as well as actually relaxing by the swimming pool or walking in the nearby woods. Many farmhouses, even if located just a few kilometers from Florence and less than half an hour drive from the city, are completely surrounded by the vineyard covered hills and woods. Those who choose to stay at a farmhouse in Florence are therefore very close to city and its main sights and can combine an intense day spent visiting museums as well as get away from the crowds and traffic of the city streets to sleep at night in the quiet peaceful environment of the countryside.

The majority of farmhouses near Florence also offer services that an accommodation in the center of the city can offer.
Most of the farmhouses offer guests the possibility to relax by large outdoor swimming pools, often with lounge chairs and umbrellas and all that is necessary to spend a relaxing day by the pool.
Among the various services offered by farmhouses, guests will often find mountain bike rentals as well as horseback outings or riding lessons offered by the farm or by a local stable.
Many times guests will also find the chance to participate in Tuscan cooking lessons as well as food and wine tours of the main producers in the area around Florence.

In the hills around Florence you'll find three major beautiful areas that offer the possibility to spend a quiet, relaxing holiday close enough to the city: the Florentine hills, the Mugello valley and the more famous Chianti region. All three areas surround Florence and offer a large number of quality accommodation and, in particular, farmhouses that offer bed and breakfast sort of accommodation or apartments with a small kitchen or kitchenette that allow for a more independent stay.

If you're planning your vacation in Florence and wish to stay at a farmhouse in Florence and surroundings, we recommend: