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Laser Marking


Laser Marking for leather, fabrics and other materials

Since its discovery the laser, a coherent, monochromatic and broad spectrum beam of light, has been improved and optimized for being used in lots of different fields. Laser systems are used in medicine, science, information technology, cutting, marking and piercing of a wide range of different materials such as fabrics and glass.

For every production’s need there is a different laser marking technology. That’s why OT-LAS has become a leader business company in industrial laser marking. Thanks to its experience, it can expand and produce any kind of industrial laser system: marking laser, cutting and piercing laser suitable for several materials such as fabrics, leather, ceramics, paper, wood, plastic and glass.

OT-LAS: leader in manufacturing laser marking systems

OT-LAS designs and manufactures every single part of its laser marking machines and can satisfy any customer’s production demand. It produces high-precision cutting lasers of typical dimension and laser powers of up to 1000 Watts.

The company is part of the El.En. Group, leading group in industrial laser. The group designs, manufactures and markets internationally high-tech lasers for industrial and medical applications.

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