Top Positioning: Features

Our positioning service is the result of the good use of technical know-how and web marketing planning for search engines. Every project we do is tailored upon clients' specific requests and website, aiming to maximize visibility on search engines.

Different activities that are part of the service:

  • Analysis of most effective keywords:WebPromoter SEO specialists, based also on client's hints, select more appropriate keywords related to website content, to users' search habits and to current competition. It's possible working on key-words (sentences made of 2-4 words, used for online searches) both in Italian and in English.
  • Website optimization in order to provide it with the necessary characteristics to make it visible for search engines for the selected key-words and removing possible obstacles for a correct indexing.
  • Landing Page creation: web pages realized by SEO engineers with the only aim to position on first results for related key-words, in order to drive qualified visitors to the website.
  • Manual indexing on main Italian and international search engines. Visibility obtained is interesting both for national Web users and international users that search in English.
  • Main Directories registration, online catalogs and archives where websites are listed and reviewed by editors such as Yahoo Directory and Google Directory/ being listed in main directories, with the right classification and review, is fundamental even to be relevant for search engines.
  • Link marketing setting. Incoming links play an important role to determine your visibility. More evolved search engines evaluate most relevant websites that have qualified incoming links from similar thematic websites and reward them in results. It's necessary to build a network of "friends' websites" that are thematically linked, but at the same time there are not in competition. SEO engineers at WebPromoter propose the correct link marketing strategy and support client, determining the first partner sites to start a good link popularity.
  • WebPromoter provides detailed reports that give a clear idea about obtained results for positioning on search engines. First results are visible after three to six months, even though developing the full potentials of positioning need longer terms, that are proportional to your business competition.
  • SEO engineers work all year round to obtain and maintain en excellent positioning. Results are constantly monitored and techniques are updated following search engines evolution.
  • WebPromoter does not only provide with a service, but we provide clients with our experience and with a consultancy approach. Visibility on search engines is the result of good coordination among different aspects that contribute developing the website, from technical to communicative aspects. At the same time we don't lose the sight of our goal, that is the success of business online. That's why we assist our clients in small and big decisions for their website.

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