Top Positioning Advantages

  • Commit your website visibility to a qualified team of experts. Search engines are an extremely dynamic reality, that requires a continuous updating and dedicated resources. This is the only way to achieve results in a very competitive field. WebPromoter is entirely dedicated to study Search Marketing solutions and works for the right visibility of your website and for let you be on top positions before your competitors.
  • Increase qualified visits and business opportunities. It's proved that at least in 75% cases, Internet users search for products and services through search engines and these are the most visited websites on the Web. Thanks to search engines you can reach a large number of users otherwise not reachable. The user arrived after a specif active search is in the phase of decision-making or collecting information and is well disposed towards obtained results. That's why we call it qualified visitor. We estimate that almost 55% of online purchases are originated from search engines (research by Npd Group).
  • Develop the full potential of traffic: visits filtered by a good positioning are limited just from visitors' interest and are not necessarily proportioned to invested budget, unlike pay-per-click advertising. 90% of traffic generated from searches on the Web worldwide comes through 3 main search engines, so that a favorable classification of your website on them can make the difference in being visible and taking advantage of your online presence.
  • Enhance your website and your brand. WebPromoter approaches your website positioning increasing its value over the time. Working on structure, contents and link popularity of your website, this becomes relevant and influential for search engines. Our main goal is to achieve the presence of your website, contributing to advance and develop your brand online.