Master in fashion marketing

Courses in Fashion Marketing

What would fashion be without marketing? Maybe it would just be a simple artistic expression. Instead, thanks to marketing, powerful tools and communication skills, fashion becomes an important form of expression of both individuals and culture worldwide.

This is the reason Polimoda organizes several courses focused on marketing fashion. Polimoda is an important school of fashion marketing in Florence Italy, internationally renown for being one of the best learning centers in this field both for Italian and foreign students. What makes the difference in placing Polimoda at the top of the sector is the strong and tight collaboration with companies and professionals of the fashion system. Thus the need of organizing master programs in fashion marketing that the sector itself demands.

The marketing courses at Polimoda are of various types but all aim to form professionals for the Fashion System, such as brand manager, product manager, visual merchandiser, and event manager, just to name a few.

For students who want to start learning the field of fashion marketing, Polimoda organizes summer courses in fashion marketing to provide the basic knowledge of both marketing and fashion. There are numerous roles in the field of marketing as well as job opportunities. If students intend to have a job in fashion marketing, the school organizes a three-year masters program in marketing management and an undergraduate course in marketing communication.

Both undergraduate and graduate courses provide participants with all the necessary skills to start a career in fashion marketing. Beyond the fundamental knowledge of marketing principles, business organization and management, fashion history, communication and general culture are taught.

The plus factor of courses in fashion marketing at Polimoda certainly is the perfect synthesis of the fundamentals of marketing and deep knowledge of the Fashion System and its dynamics. In fact, 95% of students graduating at Polimoda every year find a job in the fashion sector within 6 months of graduation.

The international institute of fashion design and marketing Polimoda is thus the important start to launching a career in the field of fashion, whatever the work in fashion might be.