Fashion Design School

Italy is world renown for its style and fashion. Anyone who wants to enter into the world of fashion would make a good investment by studying fashion design in Italy.

There are numerous fashion schools and institutes in Italy that teach the basics of fashion design, fashion marketing and the fashion world in general to both Italian and foreign students that want to enter into the fascination world of fashion.

Italian fashion design has long been appreciated worldwide for the creativity of Italian fashion designers such as Armani, Valentino and Versace, to name just a few. For many years, these designers have shown their "made in Italy" creations across the world. Many new young talent has also been part of the spreading of Italian design worldwide.

It is no wonder then that there is a lot of attention to fashion in Italy, and many Italian fashion schools are the gateway for new aspiring designers and fashion apasionados to enter into this world. There are various ways to enter into the fashion sector and schools generally offer single courses as well as whole programs of study on fashion design, as well as fashion marketing, merchandising and management.

Polimoda Fashion School

Polimoda is located in Florence and is one of the most famous fashion design and fashion marketing schools in Italy and Europe.

Anyone interested in working in the fashion sector would find Polimoda to be the perfect training institute. The school offers a wide range of highly specialized courses, fundamental for developing professionals in the fashion sector as well as fashion marketing.

Among Polimoda's top courses, we highlight:

  • Master in Luxury Management - highly specialized course on the luxury goods sector, from fashion and leather, to wine and cosmetics and yachts.
  • Fashion Marketing - see all the courses and masters offered by Polimoda fashion school

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