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Studying in Florence

Studying in florence

Schools in Florence

Though many films, books and paintings have tried to portray Florence beauty, only few have captured its inner essence made of the Renaissance look and the contemporary soul. Art, history, culture, fashion, nightlife, food and wine makes Florence the ideal destination for studying abroad in Italy.

In fact many important and internationally renowned schools and universities are in Florence. Just think about Florence University, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure and the school of fashion and marketing Polimoda.

Additionally many excellent American universities are in Florence. Among these there the New York University and the Standford University.

The reason is because studying in Florence means diving directly into history, touching art and culture. Walking in Florence historical center and passing over the stunning Duomo or crossing the Ponte Vecchio before going to school means living past history. And after school going shopping in via de' Tornabuoni is like learning creativity. And then listen to Italian language at bars, restaurants and markets.

Studying in Florence art, fashion, history or any other subject, is certainly an unforgettable experience that deserve to be experienced.

Polimoda - International Institute of Fashion and Marketing

Among the best institutes and schools in Florence stands out Polimoda, school of fashion and marketing internationally renowned. An excellence in high education for fashion and fashion marketing that every year provides to the Fashion Systemseveral with in-depth trained professionals.

Stylists, pattern-makers, brand and product managers, art directors are just few example of jobs in fashion that students at Polimoda have. As a matter of fact over 90% of students at Polimoda find a job within 6 months from school's end.

The high quality education of Polimoda is due from the large choice of courses in fashion and marketing and the tight relationship with the Fashion System, as well as stylists, companies and fashion professionals.

Find more information about courses and masters in fashion and marketing,contact the school.